Everything has turned virtual. Whether it’s work, school, shopping, group outings with family or friends – most of our daily schedules are now done behind a digital screen or camera lens.  

For the time being, this trend is here to stay. And while you’re working from your makeshift office at home, you should know that we’re here for your stay, too. Picture your virtual office as a spacious and beautiful private rental home or condo, with your break room in the form of a gorgeous beach basking in the warm Florida sun and when it’s time to log off for the day – a hammock swaying in the breeze waiting for you to enjoy.  

Bringing your virtual work life to our real-life oasis doesn’t have to be a dream, but rather a reality. Whether you’re virtually working solo or have the whole family laboring remote, we have just the right accommodations for your needs. 

So, take a break from the cold weather and COVID climate and try something new. Spend a week, month or however long you need in the privacy and safety from one of our rentals. Check out a live list of rentals we have available now and begin planning your vacation life and work life today!